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Chris Sigfrids is the Assistant Marketing Director for WaterBrook Multnomah, the Christian imprint of Crown and Penguin Random House (a division of Bertelsmann).

Chris has over 12 years' experience in publishing in marketing, publicity, and online product development roles. He is responsible for titled marketing and is currently managing marketing campaigns for authors such as Scot McKnight, Leonce Crump, Steven Furtick, John Piper, Mark Batterson, Paul Teutul Jr., Andy Stanley and Chris Durso. Previous authors Chris has had the privilege of serving include Randy Alcorn, Liz Curtis Higgs, David Platt, Eric Blehm, and George W. Bush.

Chris also oversees all digital marketing for WaterBrook Multnomah including social media, email marketing, and web marketing. Chris is marketing innovator, and has been responsible for creating several large-scale web programs including, which now boasts more than 20,000 members with over 7 million data points in the database. Chris has a robust skill set which includes marketing, publicity, web development, strategic planning, copywriting, and videography, which, when combined, help to form impressive and innovative marketing campaigns, many of which lead to rich and valuable consumer databases.

While my main area of expertise is in marketing and technology, I have a diverse background in the book publishing space and have had roles in publicity, corporate communications, and various areas of leadership. I consider myself an innovator, bridge-builder, and entrepreneur.

When I'm not thinking about marketing books, I'm tinkering on or flipping vintage Land Cruisers or helping with the marketing for a small business in Colorado Springs, Red Line Land Cruisers. I'm currently working on driving a 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ60) and parting out a 1979 FJ40.

I invite you to review my resume and portfolio. You'll also see feeds from my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media accounts all feeding in at the bottom of this page. I've organized my posts into several "categories" that make up my life (cars, books, politics, faith, etc.). As you click through some of my posts, I think you'll get a sense of what makes me tick.

All the best,

Chris Sigfrids

Chris Sigfrids