1977 Toyota Land Cruiser - FJ40 - For Sale

Auction starting price - $1,000

Auction to be held on eBay right here on my eBay store starting on May 19th, 2013 (ends May 29th)

For questions or to view the Cruiser prior to or during the auction time period, please email Chris using the Craigslist email above or call 970.227.9494. If you are a serious purchaser from out of State and would like to arrange for travel to Colorado via Denver or Colorado Springs prior to auction's end, please contact Chris for scheduling an appointment.



This 1977 FJ40 spent it's entire life on the Colorado/New Mexico border. It is a one-family-owner LC. It was purchased in Colorado in 1977 by the wife, sold to the brother-in-law, and then sold to the husband. It has 129,XXX original miles. 90% of the miles are highway miles as the family would take the Land Cruiser all around the Southwest in the early 70s and 80s.

I have the full service records from 1977 through the late 1980s (which is like pulling out one of those time capsules you buried in first grade). I also have all of the receipts from the restoration, which was completed in March/April of 2013.

This Land Cruiser was chosen for restoration because it is rust-free, completely original, well cared for, and lived in a dry climate its entire life. The restoration was completed by a meticulous mechanic who has been restoring vintage vehicles for over 20 years. All efforts were made to restore this FJ40 to it's pure, original form including the use of OEM Toyota parts.


  • High-End Repaint Job - All body parts taken off (doors, fenders, bumper, hinges, knobs, labels, vents, etc.), sanded down,cleaned, primed three times over, and painted with three to four coats of OEM "Rustic Green - 621" acrylic urethane high quality automotive paint. Factory specs called for acrylic enamel, but the decision was made to step up to a urethane due to the improved UV protection. This WAS NOT a Maaco paint job. More than 200 hours invested in the re-painting process by an auto body professional with 20 years of experience.
  • Bumper to Bumper Inspection & Restoration - The entire vehicle was reworked and restored to it's original condition, mechanically, electronically, and physically (interior/exterior). Please see below for a full line-listing of parts/service performed during the restoration. Cruiser runs perfectly, 4WD system (high and low), shifts smoothly and works great.
  • Perfect Dash & Original Fujitsu Ten Radio - Another reason this FJ was chosen for restoration was because the dash was in perfect condition. No extra holes. All the knobs in working order. Everything was original. There was no radio, so a search for an original Fujitsu Ten radio commenced. I was able to find a rare, brand new, original stock Fujitsu Ten AM radio, which is in perfect working order and enhances the originality of the FJ.
  • Attention to Detail - Throughout the restoration process, everything rebuilt was done so with great care, patience, and a high-level of meticulousness. From the brand new Toyota and 4WD emblems to the rebuilt carb, to hand-painting every bolt and screw (or replacing bolts/screws) that went back on the FJ,
  • Custom Paint-Matched Line-X Interior - I made two decisions during the restoration that meant going away from what would have been found on the Toyota dealer's show room floor back in 1977. The decision to Line-X the interior was one of them. If you've been around FJ40s, you know that the interior floorboards are prone to rust simply because of the way they were designed. The floors slope in such a way to collect and trap dirt and moisture, especially under the gas tank (which is under the passenger's seat) and by the front doors. While the floors were rust-free before the restoration began, the Line-X interior ensures that for years/decades to come. Line-X was chosen over Rhino Liner because it is a hard service and forms a chemical bond with the metal. Where Rhino Liner is rubber, Line-X is a harder service and holds up over time. The custom paint matching (green color) is spot-on and looks fantastic. It also allows for the hosing out of the vehicle without any concern of water being trapped anywhere. The entire interior was stripped out, including the gas tank, before the Line-X was applied. Line-X runs up and around the door panel area and in the rear bed area, ensuring a tight seal on all seams.
  • Brand New 33" BFG All Terrain Tires + Suspension - The second decision I made that meant going away from being completely original, was to put a slight lift on the Cruiser. The suspension was replaced with a Rough Country 2" suspension lift which included new leaf springs, shocks, steering stabilizer, and greasable shackles. This ensure a smooth ride and gives the FJ just a bit of a lift and a more aggressive stance. I chose to put 5 new BFG 33 x 10.5 x 15" tires on, as these are the best all around tires you can find. They're great on the highway and great on the trails. Plus, they have a 50,000 mile warranty from Discount Tire which also includes lifetime rotation and balancing. Tires have less than 100 miles on them.

A note about the 150+ high res photos below: The outside pics (especially the first few below) depict the "Rustic Green - 621" OEM green paint. in it's most accurate, truest sense. Some of the interior pics (especially of the back area) look more teal in color because of the flash. This is NOT teal in color. The best way to describe it is "land rover" or "British" green (although I would never compare a Land Cruiser to a Land Rover!).

To download 250 super-high-res pictures click here (download #1) and click here (download #2)

To view a video overview click here

More than 50 receipts from the original owner dating from 1977 through the late 80s
More than 100 receipts for labor and parts from the 2013 restoration


You want brass tacks? Well here you go. Here is a full list of every expense, part, and item serviced during the restoration process

  • Professional tear down and repainting of complete vehicle, inside and out. Only thing NOT painted was the dash, which did not need repainting.
  • Complete tear down and rebuild on front and rear axles. Includes: New front rotors and pads, turned rear drums, new brake shoes, all bearings (front and back) replaced, all seals (including the ever-so-stubborn birfield axle seals/gaskets) replaced, fresh fluids, and new wheel cylinders.
  • Front and rear jump seats reupholstered with Cool Cruisers of Texas (CCOT) "Oscar" seat covers. Looks factory fresh!
  • New front fenders and running boards (not used but brand new metal)
  • Original Aisin carburetor completely rebuilt and tuned in
  • New spark plugs, spark plug wires, PCV valve, fuel filter, tune up and adjustment
  • Original Toyo 3-core radiator re-cored, rebuilt, repainted, and new petcock installed. Even bought and added an original Toyo radiator sticker!
  • All new radiator hoses and clamps (including heater hoses). New OEM radiator cap.
  • All new vacuum line
  • New thermostat and thermostat gasket. Thermostat housing removed, cleaned and repainted.
  • New valve cover gasket and valve cover gasket bolt gaskets. Valve cover repainted. New "F2" engine decal sticker applied.
  • Air cleaner assembly cleaned and repainted. New air filter installed.
  • New windshield washer bottle/motor installed. New windshield washer hose installed as well.
  • New OEM decals including: 4WD (rear), Toyota (rear), Unleaded Fuel Only (by gas tank door), emissions decal (under hood), 2F engine sticker, Toyota Land Cruiser side apron emblems and Toyo radiator sticker. These were not the cheap knock off stickers, but the original OEM decals.
  • Oil and filter change
  • Transmission and transfer case fluids changed. New gaskets for top of transfer case. New seals for driveshafts
  • Complete rebuild on parking brake (new shoes, springs, cleaned and adjusted)
  • New 4 speed transmission boot
  • New OEM 4-speed shifter knob
  • Steering box seals replaced; steering box repainted
  • Brand New, Fujitsu Ten AM radio with and OEM radio box housing
  • Color-matched Line-X interior
  • New BFG 33 x 10.5 x 15 All terrain tires (including the spare tire)
  • New OEM hub caps. Rims sanded and repainted to factory grey.
  • New OEM headliner
  • New dash pad cover
  • New tire carrier bumper
  • New kick vent gaskets
  • New leaf springs, shocks and steerings stabilizer
  • New greaseable shackles
  • Fresh radiator fluid
  • New brass door hinge bushings
  • New windshield wiper motor cover gasket
  • New OEM license plate light assembly
  • Metal seat backs, center console, side mirror frames, sun visor arms, hood latches, read heater, gas tank fill hose cover pieces, front bumper and rear license plate light covers repainted OEM silver
  • Front and rear seat frames, license plate brackets, jack rod brackets, rear window hinges and bumper repainted OEM black
  • New OEM rear brake lights, lenses and brake light housing
  • New Sylvania head lights
  • New ignition coil
  • All engine brackets repainted
  • OEM jack, jack rods and crank repainted to original "bus yellow" color
  • New weather-stripping and window channel installed on all doors
  • New front door side panels
  • Battery replaced two years ago and still in excellent condition
  • Body frame sanded and painted black
  • New "acorn style" chrome lug nuts
  • New turn signal flasher
  • Gas tank flushed, cleaned, and repainted black
  • New sun visors
  • New air hose line throughout
  • Steering box rebuilt, repainted and adjusted. All gaskets/seals replaced.
  • Front-end alignment and steering wheel alignment
  • Hard top and white front bib painted white
  • Brake and clutch fluid thoroughly flushed
  • Replaced old rubber fuel hose line
  • New radio antenna
  • Front heater serviced and cleaned
  • New pedal pads
  • New fan belts
  • New side mirrors
  • New turn signal bulbs
  • New bumperettes
  • New rear reflectors
  • New battery hold down bracket
  • New front turn signal assembly (lights, wires, lenses, gaskets...the entire housing, basically)


Here are some other things to note about this FJ40

  • Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • 129,500 original miles
  • Original F2, V6 4.2L engine
  • Clear Colorado title in hand
  • Will work with serious out of state or out of country buyers. In some cases, I'd be willing to personally deliver the Cruiser on a flat bed trailer.
  • Accepted forms of payment include cash, cashiers check and wire transfer
  • Sale includes all receipts from restoration and all service records from 1977 on
  • The VIN is FJ40255272. I'd run a Carfax and provide it here, but Carfax doesn't run reports on cars prior to 1981 with a 10-digit VIN.


With any restoration, there will be a few odds and ends that remain outstanding. I left the following items as-is simply because they did not warrant attention at this time:

  • Rear main seal - I've had a dozen Land Cruisers ranging from 71' through 06'. ALL of them had a rear main seal that leaked due to the weight of the transmission/transfer case. This 77 FJ40 is no exception. It marks it's territory as it drips 3-4 drips of oil per day. When/if the clutch goes out, the rear main seal would be replaced at that time. I left this as an outstanding item simply because there is no risk of any mechanical failure or harm to the FJ40 because of the slight amount of leakage that occurs. If the buyer would like to have the clutch redone, rear main seal and all other t-case gaskets replaced prior to purchase, this can be arranged at the expense of the buyer (roughly $700 for parts and labor).
  • Rear jump seat straps - I have one CCOT strap. I thought I was ordering a pair, but they only sent one. It's something like $15 for another one and they're easy to put on.
  • AM Radio - The AM radio needs to be connected to a speaker and hooked up to the fuse panel for power. The radio works (it's brand new) and installed, just not hooked up. I simply ran out of time and didn't get to this. Estimated time to hook up = 1-2 hours.
  • Front mat - The front, original Toyota mat has a few tears here and there. It's hard to find these original mats without tears, but if I were to keep this long term, I would look for one in a bit better shape. There out there, but they're rarely found in pristine condition. If you're not super picky about an OEM mat, there are plenty of after market options out there.
  • Rear right jump seat - The rear right jump seat has a little wiggle in it. The bracket that allows the seat to turn seems to be a bit loose. I quick spot weld and paint touch up would resolve this.

Auction to be held on eBay starting on May 19th, 2013 (ends May 29th)

Questions or to view the Cruiser prior to or during the auction time period, please email Chris using Craigslist email above or call 970.227.9494.


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