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“Since Chris joined WaterBrook Multnomah he has done an excellent job helping to bring strategy and focus to WaterBrook's online strategy both for product marketing and direct sales through the web site. Working with his colleagues in the Crown Online Sales and Marketing Department, Chris oversaw the relaunch of WaterBrook's website. Working with the marketing department at WaterBrook, he has provided expertise and direction in developing online marketing support for the titles they publish.”

Jenny Frost
President & Publisher
The Crown Publishing Group, Random House

"I worked with Chris a number of years and he has grasped and embraced the transformational nature of book publishing better than most others. He is hard working, highly motivated, keenly analytical and passionate about what he does. Chris has been creative and innovative at his approach to online marketing efforts, understanding the need to craft content with a clear focus for consumers."

Michael Palgon
Executive VP, deputy Publisher
Random House Publishers

"Chris was an excellent supervisor who has vision and passion for his projects. Working with Chris was a pleasure, and he provided great oversight and insight into my work. He is a guy who can "get things done" and help others get excited about an idea."

Andrew Meredith
QA Engineer

"Chris Sigfrids is an innovative thinker, results oriented manager and dedicated friend. He has a brilliant mind and is swift in his execution of projects. Our work together at WaterBrook Multnomah was some of the best I have experienced; he listened to my ideas, suggested recommendations and exceeded anticipated results! He has great synergy, sense of humor and a winning attitude. I would highly recommend Chris; you will not be disappointed."

Troy Hurst
Relationship Manager
Planet Reflex Communications

"Chris engaged Rocket Jones to help build a website that offered free books to interested bloggers in exchange for reviews on the site. Throughout the project Chris has been a pleasure to work with. I can say from first-hand experience that he is one of the most thorough, considerate, and enjoyable clients I've worked with. Furthermore, he has always been open to feedback and guidance and readily welcomed the thoughts and opinions of others. I personally feel that Chris does an excellent job communicating his desires and intentions while being realistic about the limitations that exist and seeking positive solutions. As a result the Blogging for Books program has been an enormous success, and continues to be an enjoyable project for the team at Rocket to work on. I can't say enough about the professionalism and respect that Chris extends to everyone he works with. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation."

Jeff Shoemaker
Senior Software Architect & Developer Lead
Rocket Jones Interactive

“Chris is an expert at what he does, and he's great to work with.”

Jeff Sheler
Prophet of Purpose: The Life of Rick Warren

“Chris was an excellent employee, always taking initiative on projects. He often thought of ways to solve problems and proactively brought both the issue and the proposed solution to me without any prompting. His innovation, initiative and problem solving capabilities are well above average. I also found Chris to be a wonderful person to work with.”

Robert Christian
VP Customer Solutions
Tobe Direct

“Chris is very talented and hard working. He is skilled in several areas including project management, PR, writing and corporate marketing. He is also very innovative. He created and maintained a very powerful sales and marketing tool called the "flipper" that allowed sales and marketing personnel to easily look up archived articles and artwork, advertising specs, mail list information, project descriptions and other vital business details. Chris also managed all of our public relations activities, copywriting and editing, produced radio programs and assorted advertising campaigns. He's a man of many talents.”

Greg Palmer
Director of Marketing
Reid Supply Company

“Chris is an exceptional individual who takes each and every task with excessive interest and compassion to excel in every aspect. His personality and approach as a team player provide lots of success in the projects he is assigned. His positive work ethic and dedication make him an individual I admire and am grateful to know.”

Lyle Bonfigt
Owner at Express It Print & Graphics

“Chris is an idea guy. He's always got something new on his mind that he wants to take to market. Inventive, optimistic, and forward-thinking...that's what I would say about his approach to his position.”

Kristian Ranstrom
Rainstorm Tech

“Chris was essential in helping me navigate through the hiring process at Group Publishing. He used his knowledge of the specific company as well as his marketing savvy to help me translate my list of skills into Group-friendly verbiage.”

Jobe Lewis
Staffing Manager - Group Workcamps
Group Publishing

“Chris was a student of mine in the capstone public relations course at Colorado State University. Since his graduation, we've become colleagues. It goes without saying that for Chris to do well in my class, I agree that he is a knowledgeable, well-versed Public Relations Strategist. Since his graduation, he has perfected his skills and continues his rise as a savvy PR professional. He maintains clear thinking and sound critical analysis; understanding of publics, business mechanisms and the art of message intention/direction; and a worldly and futuristic perception enhanced by his understanding of public relations as well as the economic, social and political adaptations involved in PR decision making and problem solving when promoting mutually beneficial relationships.”

Dr. Jonna Lian Pearson
Assistant Professor
Colorado State University

“Chris was awesome at keeping up with the PR needs for Group; he kept on top of all the communication with media and worked hard on individual promotion projects to keep them going. He knows a lot about current marketing strategies, particularly online marketing.”

Helen Goody
Strive LLC

“Chris was absolutely instrumental in launching a very successful marketing and PR campaign to support a new product family called Outflow. Through Chris' efforts, we were able to get placement within top level Christian publications, tier one Christian radio and nationally broadcasted television programming. This all contributed to one of the most successful product launches in Ministry Essential's history.”

Craig Cable
Lifetree Cafe National Director
Group Publishing

“Chris is creative, progressive in his style, very people friendly and easy to work with. He doesn't stop his work before excellence is accomplished. I highly recommend him based on his personal and professional integrity.”

Brent Bromstrup
Telesales Manager
Group Publishing / Group Workcamps Foundation

“Chris was a tremendous contributor, both to internal processes and to the external "face" of Group, whose impact is still being felt in numerous ways. His drive and vision are outstanding assets, and were important facets of our success.”

Steve Tranzow
Customer Experience Architect
Group Publishing

“Chris was integral in coordinating our Domestic Charitable Giving publicity for Group Publishing. Each year, Group gives out over $64,0000 to non-profits in Northern Colorado and Chris made sure newspapers, radio and TV were contacted and followed up with them to attend and report on the event.”

Jim Knowles
Special Markets Manager
Group Publishing

“Chris drove an initiative to provide detailed marketing collateral in a user-friendly web application that our sales and customer service team could use to support our customers. I appreciate the creativity and leadership Chris provided to implement this innovative and affordable communication tools for our sales and customer service staff to provide a higher level of customer care.”

Dave Thornton
Director of Church Resources
Group Publishing

“Chris was one of the hardest working people on our staff. He was great at taking initiative and getting projects done independently, and he always did a thorough and complete job. Plus Chris was always positive and personable with his co-workers.”

Jeff White
Brand Champion
Group Publishing

“Chris was a highly motivated colleague and a pleasure to work with. He implemented several projects to make workflow improvements for the company, and was a great asset to our organization.”

Jeff Koska
Group Publishing / Jeff Koska Productions

“Chris worked here at SolarGlass for 3 yrs. or so. During that time, I was shown what I had hoped to be true at the time of his hire. That he is a man of integrity, a hard worker, and a person who earns the respect of others through his actions. Definitely a person who gets the job done, and quickly. Constantly tackling the more challenging projects with enthusiasm and effort. Being a clear communicator is key in any work environment, and has excellent communication skills. I miss our many long conversations. Chris remains to be one of the best employee's to have worked under my direct supervision. He's more than welcome to come back and re-join the SolarGlass team at any time.”

Luke Manno
Luke Manno Construction

“Chris is very committed to whatever he does. As a youth intern he worked with the skate park ministry for Jr. and Sr. High students. He spent a lot of time building relationships with the students and mentoring them. He also works very well with others on a team. He puts his heart and soul into his job. Thank you, Jeremiah Clapper”

Jeremiah Clapper
Living Rock Church - Casper, Wyoming